Hey there! Welcome to my world of healing, empowerment, and sovereignty! My name is Betz McKeown, and I'm the founder and keeper of YshaYe Sacred Rose Temple. My mission is to help womxn (and intrepid men) create balance and purpose in their lives by accessing and embodying the energy of the their Sacred Feminine essence. In doing this, you will create the authentic, empowered, sovereign life you were born to live!

I'll help you wherever you are.  
I am in the beautiful NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont, in the village of Saint Johnsbury. I am available to work with you in person or remotely, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you.
What I can help you with:
Trauma-Informed Somatic Counseling/Coaching
& Energy Healing
Together we will explore and address any blocks, traumas, or limitations that prevent you from expressing the fullness of your Sovereign Authentic Self, focusing on acknowledging, releasing, & integrating shadow aspects. Counseling combined with somatic tools and energy medicine work together beautifully to facilitate healing on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual
Intuitive EmpowHERment Card Readings
Using Oracle Cards, we will explore where you are, where you've been, and the most potent path to get you where you want to be as an empowHERed sacred being.
YshaYe Holy Oil Anointings &
Personalized Holy Oil Blends
Anointings are an ancient priestess gift of healing that helps to ease life's initiations and transitions - birth or death on any level (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), unions or separations, spiritual awakenings or dark nights of the soul - bringing peace, healing, & integration to any life changes.
Individualized & personalized Holy Oil Blends are also available, made to work with your unique energy, challenges, & spiritual journey.

"Anointing is an act of blessing and consecration, a kiss of Spirit on your body." ~Diana DuBrow, Priestess & Founder of the Emerald Temple
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